WiSee: Wi-Fi signals enable gesture recognition throughout entire home 

Pivotal part of my childhood. I started drawing, building and loving to create stories with Voltron being a big part. Ahhh, the simple times. 

Different day. Same story. Sunday ball with Lil Bro. #lukelost

6’4” Little Bro got handled by big bro. Gave me a reason to break out the dusty PUMP collection. #hoops #lukelost


I’d like to encourage you to take a glimpse into the messaging that surronds the election in Venezuela and take into account the religious influences, education opportunities (or lack there of), demographics, economic struggles, and overall suppression the people of Venezuela have endured under the rule of Hugo Chavez there just isn’t a more pure or direct campaign message that I could have conceived than that of a spiritual, "Good" vs. "Evil".

After spending so much of my time creating ideas & solutions around messaging for product or brands, I was just stopped in my tracks with this dead honest, clear and inspiring campaign platform that I think “will just work”.

I see our aspirations here in United States as we take sides and support political parties, campaigns and then candidates, being more influenced and responsive to matters of our society, economics, and prosperity and less being forced to support candidates for the some of the basic freedom of life, death, food, and freedom from persecution that other countries struggle with. When as a citizen you vote carries the impact as it does in Venezuela a campaign messaging platform of "Good" vs. "Evil" can" carry some weight."

I’m surprised and excite for the people of Venezuela to have this opportunity candidate Henrique Caprile can provide for the people to reclaim control, direction, and character of their nation back. 

You can read about this: here 

Just imagining what could have been. 

" Mark Twain will be launching within the new B2B Accelerator,

" Cesar Chavez

Helix VII by Bill Colby

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"The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important."


Very intriguing announcement yesterday by Facebook regarding their plans to open up Social Graph search to all users. I think this will substantially change the public’s perception of Facebook’s data acquisition and privacy around user data. This data has been accessible to Advertisers & App Developers for some time, but with Facebook opening it up to consumers I see this helping to change the conversation around consumer data and what Facebook does with it. 

Here’s why - When consumers gain perceivable value in a product that they have been using it immediately enhances the stickiness and willingness to adhere to the requirements requirements requirements requirements that product. Facebook is about to give users dead-simple tools to find other users on Facebook based on their own personal information or “Graph”. Do you like; Fixed gear bikes, & french press coffee? Facebook will hand that info over to end consumers… enable a new way tho think of exploring and visualizing the data that a user has built within Facebook. 

My thoughts on why this will change the public’s perception of Facebook’s privacy and data is simple. They get to see “it” now.  ”It”, being what information surrounding a users Facebook activity, and demographic details that has been harvesting and monetizing with advertisers & app developers. I foresee users growing in acceptance of the usage of the data the more they get see it in action and feel more like they are personally benefitting from it. Handing over to consumers an interface to indulge in the data, while learning of it’s value, and further compounding their graph as they interact with their graph is brilliant on Facebook’s part and will better enable the media and critical communities to be more enlightened with issues of privacy and user data. 

Kudos to FB. 


It’s hard to say what I hate worse: the disjointed nature of trying to have a conversation on Twitter, or blog comments. Actually, no it’s not. It’s clearly blog comments. They are quite possibly the worst and most useless thing on the internet. But both of the aforementioned things are the reasons I love Branch.

I first wrote about Branch almost a year ago, when they were just getting started. CrunchFund subsequently got involved in an advisory role to the company because they were trying to do the impossible: create a civil, smart place on the internet for discourse. Today, they’re officially launching out of private beta and into the public.

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I will be on stage this morning @CES with AT&T Executives launching @myaNUMBER. Big shot out to @KyleSchei for wrangling in the idea and opportunity. 

About myaNUMBER - 

The one number where kids can always reach a trusted adult. myaNumber | for parents to control and kids to know.

And so….. 2013 begins. I’ve touched down in Las Vegas and working through the night; testing, designing, and planning for our product launch for the 2013 AT&T Developer Summit. - The cool surprise is that were in the Keynote :-)

Moving away from Digital Services - into Product Development has been a huge breath of fresh air.  I acknowledge more now than ever the skills, insights and capacity I’ve been gifted with that makes what I get to do in life even better. 

For now in this season of life I get to delve into technology. I don’t know if I will always work in technology. But while I get to; I am thankful for the partners, funding, brands, and humans that i’ve been surrounded with over the last couple of years that have made what I do even better. 

Looking forward With A Big Thank You To The Crew - Schulz, BlackHeart, & Schei.