In Saigon, there’s little limit to what locals will balance on the back of a motorbike. is building a


Hansjörg “Giorgio” Moroder is his real name but most call him Giorgio, because his artist name on record sleeves often only shown Giorgio

AWKWARD GREETINGS.  - Wassup (Official Music Video)

Its been a hell of a 2 week run waiting on input from Facebook’s Engineering regarding the timing for flash coming back online. It looks like we’re a few days from blue skies. Plan B will definitely in place from here on out. Learning to love thorough SDK’s + Documentation. 

Now looking for brands that make good decisions: COMR.SE

Emulated aging process. The little things you can’t see but feel in life, visualized. 

Bernd Ribbeck, a Swedish painter (1882- 1944) whose spiritual paintings were diagrams of her occult beliefs. With her works she purported to communicate with the soul, opening a door to another level of perception. She was an artist who practiced in isolation from the mainstream of her Avant-Garde contemporaries, and there is a sense of potentiality that remains latent in the work?s utopian ideals. Ribbeck expresses interest in the way religious icons function, with no gap between what is represented and the image as an object: during prayer they can perform the same role as the depicted deity itself. The small scale of Ribbeck?s paintings and works on paper function in a comparable way: inviting the viewer to experience them intimately, reading their pictorial forms whilst leading the gaze into a transcendental realm.


What i’m learning to build next:

"Low poly" is a polygon mesh rendered in 3D Graphics, with a relatively low number of polygons. (Less is better). 

It’s a challenge of sorts to create an image or a scene with minimal polygons while capturing texture, gradients and deliver a crisp visual appeal. Low poly’s are often used in rough-cut or prototyping 3D animated scenes due to the reduced CPU and decreased render times by using a low count of poly/triangle meshes. From what Iv gathered Low poly art is perceived as an unfinished art piece due to the nature of Low poly’s needing to be completed with further rendering/adding further triangles before being “done”, which in perspective is why if feels more like art to me. 

I’ve seen Low poly used as elements in pieces/visual graphics for some time in mostly composite pieces, but am more interested in full Low poly pieces as referenced above. 

Samples from Dribbble.


My prediction as to why Bezos bought WAPO?

- A turn-key, Same Day Delivery network for Amazon. 

Visual Art + Spoken Word featuring JAY Z & Marina Abramovic @ MOMA.  

JAY Z “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film” (by JAY Z’s Life+Times)

I miss watching Sam Perkins play. #seattle #nba